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Special Baby House No.1 (for children with development deviance), Orenburg

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This was the second orphanage visited in Orenburg, and a poorly judged attempt to film without formal prior arrangements - despite having the help of a local policewoman.

The episode centres on the abortive attempt to film and the reaction of the security guard. Despite this somewhat unnecessary drama there are reflections on the situation of orphans and on official structures in Russian society.

In total there are six in our party - two fixers (one of whom is the policewoman) and two children, as well as us.

The title of the institution deserves some comment - this functional name indicates that this is an orphanage for children with particular problems. The title is a typical form of Soviet and post-Soviet official classification, in which schools, orphanages and other institutions were numbered.

All clips are presented to be browsed at will - in this case you have complete freedom to view and explore (something that we did not manage at the time).

The material is here in its entirety. Only one clip has been edited with added music.